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Manhole and Waste Water Rehabilitation

In these challenging economic times, Red Horse Inc stands out as the smart and cost effective alternative to dig and replace. As manholes and waste water structures begin to fail, Red Horse can add many more years of service for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Whether the problem is infiltration, exfiltration, corrosion or structural, a SpectraShield Liner can be installed within hours that will solve any of these problems. Red Horse, Inc. is the exclusive installer of the patented SpectraShield Liner System in Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

These patented liners can be installed in mere hours and have a design life of 100 years. Disruption to neighborhoods and local businesses that otherwise may go on for weeks can now be handled in less than a day without disturbing the surroundings. Service interruptions and by-pass pumping are seldom needed further reducing costs.

Engineers, municipalities and companies looking for a cost effective long term solution to their waste water problems have come to recognize SpectraShield as a real value. We also stand behind our quality products and professional workmanship with a 10 year warranty!