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Trenchless Sewer Repair

Red Horse Inc stands out as the smart and cost effective trenchless sewer repair solution. As manholes and waste water structures begin to fail, Red Horse can add many more years of service for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Red Horse uses SpectraShield lining technology based on the systematic layering of polymer resins which impart structural strength due to its “Stress Skin Panel” effect. The multi-layersof this manhole lining product eliminate groundwater intrusion, restore a structure’s profile and provide a light reflecting, impervious barrier to environmental penetration. The installation is done by way of trenchless application (CIP) therefore causing minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. A seven foot deep manhole can be lined in less than one hour.

Engineers, municipalities and companies looking for a cost effective long term trenchless sewer repair solution have come to recognize SpectraShield as a real value. We also stand behind our quality products and professional workmanship with a 10 year warranty!

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