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  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Backed by 20+ Years Experience
  • Time-tested Reliability
  • Long Dependable Warranties
  • Trenchless Application
  • 100 Year design life
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Low liability and insurance costs

Manhole & Waste Water Rehabilitation

manhole-lining-repairIn these challenging economic times, Red Horse Inc stands out as the smart, cost-effective alternative to repairing damaged manholes and waste water structures, because we are the only certified installer of the proven and patented SpectraShield™ Liner System in Wisconsin & Northern Illinois.

As opposed to the dig-and-replace repair method, which is considerably more expensive and inconvenient, negatively affecting surrounding businesses and neighborhoods for weeks on end, the SpectraShield™ Liner System is a trenchless application - ensuring minimal downtime and insignificant economic impact.

One of the other reasons the SpectraShield™ Liner System is so cost-effective is due to its 100 year design life along with one of the industry’s longest dependable warranties - up to 10 years strong.  That’s why municipalities, engineers & companies whose priority is ensuring cost-effective, quality, long-term solutions for their waste water structure repair needs continue to choose Red Horse Inc as their preferred protective coatings contractor. 

Industrial Storage Tank Repair

Industrial Storage Tank RepairRed Horse also specializes in concrete coating, restoration and waterproofing solutions for challenging environments where you need innovative, cost-effective answers in a variety of applications with minimal down time.

Our experienced tank coating specialists can advise you about which process and products will give your tanks the right protection, helping to promote business growth and allowing maximum service life.